I-CARES Hosting Climate Change Symposium

Peter Raven at Vatican Climate Summit
​​It's a simple little number, but experts agree that a rise in global temperatures by 2 degrees Celsius could be the breaking point for climate change. That number and its implications will be the central theme of a symposium being held September 11 at Washington University. The invited speakers represent the global climate picture, coming from as far away as South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom.
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IEA Chief Speaks at WUSTL

​​“The gateway to a new energy future does not lie behind us. It is ahead, and it is not necessarily what we expect. While efforts to increase the efficiency and sustainability of our current energy system must continue, such efforts cannot be at the expense of tomorrow’s technological breakthroughs. These things take time.”

That's the message International Energy Agency executive director Maria van der Hoeven delivered during a speech at Washington University on July 17. Click here to watch her speech.


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Message from the Chancellor and Director


I-CARES nurtures interdisciplinary work and collaborative efforts that accelerate the pace of progress in the discovery and application of knowledge addressing the great energy, environmental and sustainability challenges facing our planet.
Mark S. Wrighton, Chancellor
Washington University in St. Louis



I think of the 'C' in I-CARES as 'catalyst.' If we can bring someone from law, business or architecture to the same table as people from medicine, engineering, the Brown School and Arts & Sciences, then we have the forum to come up with novel ways of making energy and making the environment renewable and sustainable.
Himadri B. Pakrasi
Director, I-CARES