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Biodiversity and Climate Change Symposium
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Biodiversity and Climate Change Symposium

​​Some of the world’s leading figures in climate change research gathered at Washington University Sept. 10-11, for a symposium focused on rapid climate change and how it's poised to impact population and species' extinctions.
Co-organizer Peter Raven discussed the symposium on St. Louis Public Radio. In addition, the two day event  was also covered by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


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Message from the Chancellor and Director


I-CARES nurtures interdisciplinary work and collaborative efforts that accelerate the pace of progress in the discovery and application of knowledge addressing the great energy, environmental and sustainability challenges facing our planet.
Mark S. Wrighton, Chancellor
Washington University in St. Louis



I think of the 'C' in I-CARES as 'catalyst.' If we can bring someone from law, business or architecture to the same table as people from medicine, engineering, the Brown School and Arts & Sciences, then we have the forum to come up with novel ways of making energy and making the environment renewable and sustainable.
Himadri B. Pakrasi
Director, I-CARES