Photo of the COP 22 logo and beautiful blue skies.Photo of solar panels.

I-CARES End of Year Newsletter

Catch up on all of the fall/winter news from I-CARES.

Following the climate negotiations

A delegation of Washington University students are headed to Marrakesh, Morocco for the 22nd annual Conference of the Parties (COP 22) global climate change summit from Nov. 7 - 18.

I-CARES Professor Receives $2 million grant

I-CARES Professor Vijay Ramani, an expert in renewable energy integration, received a $2 million grant from the Department of Energy to design better batteries.

I-CARES Adds to Growing List of Funded Researchers

I-CARES recently selected recipients of its 2016 Call for Proposals.

ICONHeadshot_MWrighton"I-CARES nurtures interdisciplinary work and collaborative efforts that accelerate the pace of progress in the discovery and application of knowledge addressing the great energy, environmental and sustainability challenges facing our planet."
Mark S. Wrighton, WUSTL Chancellor

SIGINITI-CARES fosters research related to energy, environment and sustainability that will benefit future generations. The umbrella of I-CARES includes six signature initiatives.

ICONtake2himadri"I think of the 'C' in I-CARES as 'catalyst.' If we can bring someone from law, business or architecture to the same table as people from medicine, engineering, the Brown School and Arts & Sciences, then we have the forum to come up with novel ways of making energy and making the environment renewable and sustainable."
Himadri B. Pakrasi, I-CARES Director